Anal Masturbation Techniques

You’ll soon find anal masturbation another source of pleasure to add during sex and masturbation.

The anus is rich in nerve endings and is a natural pleasure zone.

If you have emptied your bowels then your anus is usually very clean. To be sure, do a warm water enema using an anal syringe available at your local drug store.

Unlike, the vagina, the anus has no natural source of lubrication, so you want to make sure that you use plenty of lube before inserting anything inside.

• Start off using your finger.
• Apply some lubrication and massage the anus in circles.
• You need to give it lots of time to relax so don’t rush.
• Stroke your whole vagina to connect the sensations.
• When you are ready, push your fingertip in just a bit and then release. Do this a few times.

You should be able to feel your anus relax and then contract again. As the blood flows to this area and you become more aroused, your anus will naturally relax.

Inserting a Butt Plug
Apply some lube to your favorite butt plug and slowly penetrate. During orgasm, your anus naturally clenches, so having a butt plug there can enhance the sensation.

Insert at a Slight Angle
The Rectum follows along beside the tail bone and spine so be sure to at a slight angle pointing towards your tailbone.

The Secret is to Bear Down
The Secret to getting the most pleasure out of anal play is to bear down on whatever you are inserting.

Do this by pushing your muscles out as if you are pushing out waste.

You have to feel confident and it may take some practice, but when you get the hang of it you will enjoy anal penetration a lot more.

Combined Anal and Clitoral Masturbation
Combining anal play with other masturbation will double your pleasure.

Rub your clit and keep pumping your butt plug for some delicious blended stimulation.

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