Advanced Female Masturbation Techniques

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Sample from Basic Female Masturbation Techniques

The Female Masturbation series is a comprehensive step-by-step course on female masturbation techniques. It includes not only hand, vibrator and dildo techniques but also some fundamentals that will help any woman have deeper and more frequent orgasms. These techniques include breath, pelvic rocking PC exercises and several advanced techniques as well. Scroll Down to see more on this series.

Female Masturbation Series

An overview of the video and some encouraging words for beginner’s and experienced alike. View this video

Before You Get Started
Shows you what you need to do to feel comfortable and safe, as well as the basic toys that you will need to enjoy beginning and advanced female masturbation. View this video

Getting to Know Your Pussy
Learn to communicate better by becoming pussy-literate. Includes live anatomy lesson and examples of different vulvas to help you appreciate the beauty of your own. View this video

Tuning inTuning in to Your Body and Breath
Be ready for better orgasms with these simple but powerful exercises. Gauranteed to make your orgasms hotter and more intense! View this video

Standing Pelvic Rocking
Want full body orgasms that shudder through you from the tips of your fingers to your toes? The secret is revealed here! View this video

Strengthening Your PC Muscles
For thousands of years these exercises were passed down from mother to daughter in India. The gateway to deeper orgasms, increased sexual confidence and female ejaculation. View this video

Getting Your Juices Flowing
Get hotter and wetter as you learn these 8 masturbation techniques step-by-step. The keys to experiencing your natural body high. View this video

Female Masturbation Video Series II

Good Vibrations: Putting it all Together
Now it’s time to practice all the skills and learn how your vibrator can double the intensity of your pleasure. View this video

Bonus: Advanced Masturbation Techniques
Now it’s time to combing all your new skills and learn how your vibrator can double the intensity of your pleasure. View this video

Bonus: Anal Masturbation
Blending techniques leads to even more fulfilling orgasms. Learn the secrets of anal masturbation and you will never go back. View this video

Bonus: Personal Interview
Our lovely model helps you feel more confident on your journey, as she offers candid advice for the beginner and expert alike. View this video

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