Learn about G-Spot Fingering, Squirting and Toys for the G-Spot …

You and your partner will love this new series of 8 clips focused on the g-spot. With detailed explanation and live demos you will have plenty of hot ways to have more intense orgasms. It includes the following clips …

Masturbation and JealousyToys for the G-spot
Learn about toys specifically designed to stimulate your g-spot and clit for some great sensations.

Masturbation and JealousyStimulating the G-spot in both Men & Women
Discover where the g-spot is on women and men, as well as the best way to stimulate it for more intense pleasure.

Masturbation and JealousyG-spot Toy Demo with Partner
Enjoy stimulating her g-spot together for more fulfilling sex. Demonstration of various techniques using a g-spot wand.

Masturbation and JealousySex Positions for Stimulating the G-spot
Learn to hit your g-spot for more intense stimulation during sex with a variety of positions.

Masturbation and JealousyG-spot Fingering Demo with Partner
Give her more pleasure than she deserves with these hot two handed techniques.

Masturbation and JealousyMultiple Toys and Positions with Partner
Lead her to a hot climax with these toys and positions. She will be begging for more!

Masturbation and JealousyPC Muscles, Orgasm & Ejaculation
Discover how to control your PC muscles for more intense orgasms and female ejaculation.

Masturbation and JealousyG-spot Squirting Demo with 2 Girls
Watch and learn from a sexy demonstration of fingering which ends in squirting.

Masturbation and Jealousy
G-Spot Hand Techniques
Demonstrates 5 fingering techniques to hit her g-spot and her clit at the same time.

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