How to Make Yourself Squirt

Some women squirt or ejaculate naturally while masturbating or having sex with a partner. Others need more attention on their g-spot and have to learn how to do it.

Massaging the G-spot causes it to swell with fluid, which is then squirted out during orgasm. As you do this, it might feel as if you have to pee, don’t worry, just as in a male orgasm, your body prevents you from urinating. A light salty fluid comes out instead. Keep reading for more details…

Preparing for Female Ejaculation
To make yourself feel comfortable, lay down a thick towel to absorb the moisture or practise in the bath tub. You will need a dildo or g-spot toy design to help you massage your g-spot.

For more information on the best toys to use for your g-spot see the G-Spot Toys clip.

It might help to do a simple visualization exercise first. Imagine yourself masturbating, and then enjoying yourself pushing out your warm sweet ejaculate. See and feel yourself feeling positive and free as you do it!

Tip: Make sure you are hydrated by drinking a glass of water 1/2 hour before hand. This will help you produce more ejaculate.

Female Masturbation Techniques for Squirting
Your g-spot slowly fills with fluid as you get more and more turned on. Warm up is essential to get your g-spot stimulated and swollen, so start with some basic masturbation on your pussy and clit. Use as much lube as you like on your toys and pussy.

Using a vibrator on your clit for a few minutes is also a great to get yourself hot. And remember your orgasmic breath to deepen the sensations. For more detailed instructions see the Basic Masturbation Video series.

Bring Yourself to the Edge of Squirting
Now that you are really hot. Use your toy to massage your g-spot. It is located a few inches inside your vagina on the front wall. It feels slightly rough and bumpy.

Play around with different strokes to learn what you like best. Try slow circles and direct firm pressure. Now close your eyes and focus on the sensations.

As you get closer and closer, you will feel as if you are about to pee. This is great. Keep going and feel them build as you are ready to burst.

Letting Yourself Ejaculate
When you feel as if you can’t hold it any longer, pull your dildo our and push out with your PC muscles to ejaculate. If you don’t know how to use your PC muscles see The Basic Masturbation series or the G-spot Series for detailed exercises.

It is important just to let go and allow yourself to spray. Just watch yourself from a distance and notice the feelings (you might release some fear or shame when this happens). And just let them go.

If you don’t squirt right away. Put your dildo back in and keep going to building the sensations again. Bring yourself to squirting again and push out again with your PC muscles.

Eventually, you will feel the rush of a squirting orgasm and it will all blend together naturally. Just keep practising.

To watch a demonstration of female ejaculation, g-spot fingering and squirting see The G-Spot Video Series.

Advanced G-Spot Technique and Resources
Anal sex and masturbation can also stimulate the g-spot. Once you have taught yourself the basics of how to female ejaculate, you can try adding anal masturbation techniques or other advanced techniques. As well as our other resources on G-spot and squirting:

  • The Secrets of Anal Masturbation (in Guides)
  • The Secrets of Advanced Masturbation (in Guides)
  • The Secrets of G-spot Masturbation (in Guides)
  • The G-Spot Video Series (in Videos)

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sexyygirl. says:

well im 17 an havent squirted before an i reall want to sounds awesome

ketty says:

i wanna ave an ory soo bad tht tht amo dweet with ma rabbit now i hope i get this tim

Istayhavemypussywet says:

I just did this it was amazing ;)

Lcf says:

I squired but afterwards it still feels like I have to pee so I try to go pee and nothing comes out. Is this normal?

ive helped 1 girl so far anyone else

Mypussystaywett says:

Come help me then ;)

latinalove says:

I’m a mexican chick with 22 years of age, always thought that I couldn’t squirt and I followed the guide instructions and I amazingly did squirt :D omg im so excited bout it; I did squirt very little but I know practice makes perfect; I can’t wait to try it again n get better at it and eventually try it with my partner; I am extremly excited :D If I did it so can you!! Thanks to the person who wrote this, you have changed my life :D

could i help or join

whiteslut4BBC says:

im here to learning… hope i can do it 

Lillyhaselden says:

My fiancé was out of town and we decides to have Skype sex and I used these Tips and I will say it worked amazingly I never reached orgasim like that before

Bleu L says:

will you be able to squirt if the only way you have been able to orgasm is through clitoral stimulation? I have wanted to squirt but havent enjoyed the penetration of fingers or toys, my main and sole enjoyment has been through clitoral stimulation, there was one occasion where I have orgasmed through penetration during sex i think because the man was girthy.

Bleu L says:

I would like any advice please

Klk88 says:

I have the same problem girl….. and ive only got off once from penetration and maybe 3 times from being eaten out… But i get off just fine so long as my clit is stimulated.. hope squirting will still work for us lol

Monedomino says:

i want to do this but never can …. who would like to help

Musical_stara says:

I wish i was able to lol im 16 .. I masturbate all the time … But i dnt have toys…. So where exactly is my g-spot??

txt me and ill tell u

Mypussyhelicksthat says:

What’s your number I need to no we’re my g spot is also n I’m 16 ;)

MakeeMe(: says:

i just tried this and it was amazingg(: now i neeed a partner to enjoy it with(: anyy takers? ;)

garrett cleary says:

txt me at 949-419-5220 for help girls im 18 today

Stoopid22077 says:

I’m going to text you

Istayhavemypussywet says:

I’m going to text you ;)

Pusssssybitccccccch says:

fingering my vagina has never felt good to me, let’s hope this works though!

Genevieve LeFleur says:

I’m a cam model and squirting is gold! I’m going to give this a try.

Genevieve LeFleur says:

I’m a cam model and squirting is gold! I’m going to give this a try.

Stephyxoxo1986 says:

 same here, thats why I looked this up!! good luck… I am gonna go try now!!

sexymilf90 says:

Im gonna go try now :) I wish me luck!

Justlickinatyou says:

Hey SexyMILF90….

Wow..You Go Girl !!!

Wish I could help enjoy :-P

Janay Hollande says:

btw im 13if anyone was wondering.

Concered 18 year old says:

I’m so sorry that you never had a childhood and are proud of having sex so young. You really should’ve waited till 16 then you can at least have a better idea of what love really is

Aalyiapinky says:

me to i cant squirt

Aalyiapinky says:

me to i cant squirt

Pearl says:

You are 13? how in the name of God do you get to post something like this at your age and your parents don’t know about all this? You shouldn’t even be thinking about sex, you are a child, a little girl and it is disturbing that someone your age is already sexually active. 

Pearl says:

and how can people click “Like” on you saying that you are 13? you are still a baby and should be playing with dolls and watching High School Musical and being a child. 

Janay Hollande says:

I could always do a little trickle but after i read this i was squirting all over my boyfreinds room and he was like sexy. Thanks for this wonderful help,i have to go now…. Gonna go cum in my boyfriends mouth. By the way ladies if you have a partner to lick ur clit it helps you to squirt alot. I can squirt like 6ft. Out of my pussy, i feel so speacial. ^.^

Danismithisawesomeandcool says:

YESSS SOME THING THAT WORKS!!!! i feel wet just thinking about it!!!

Morgan1skye says:

Omg just reading this makes my pussy dripping wet. Anyone wanna taste. Lady who are having trouble squirting ill help :)

Justlickinatyou says:

Wow…Dripping Pussy :-P

Love to help and when you Squirt can I help clean up :-P

Tcavalos says:

Morgan where are you from, I’ve never squirted and need to:)

Negirls2 says:

Help possibly?(:

undeadgirlxx says:

After reading this i tried it and came six times without even touching my g-spot. I think that it’s not true that you have to stimulate that spot to cum. I didn’t have to. ;D

latinlover says:

True I can always climax by just playing with my clitoris but I would never squirt n it’s amazing that with this guide I learned to squirt :D n all I did was play with my clitoris n a lil with my g spot

Jlaquish33 says:

Wow I read this it helps #yes I did it I finally did it :)

Fail says:

I have tried for the past 2 years to make myself squirt and I fail everytime.  I’ve read this over and over, is it possible that I am just not able to squirt?

KMJmc says:

Wow I’ve read up a ton on squirting but this was so specific and encouraging that I actually did it!!! I’m completely amazed and excited!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Luciouslatina1991 says:

does this really work my fiancee wants to make me squirt but I have never been able to sigh

Kathy says:

I love this I’m so horny all the time I’m Coming now

Daydreamer5151 says:

I have driped on the floor it felt so good to do this

Justlickinatyou says:

Wow That is Just Perfect :-P

LalalalaMona says:

Holy. Shit. I spent years trying to squirt, and the FIRST TIME after reading this I let out a whole friggin PUDDLE. Aside from the bad spelling, this is friggin gold, THANK YOU!<3

snaggleswomen says:

my fiance really want to make me squirt but for some reason its a little difficult I jsut cant relax and enjoy..idk

KMJmc says:

follow this guide it worked for me!!! and actually try to do it to yourself first. get really horny and wet then reach inside to rub that spot with your hand if you don’t have a toy. that itself feels awesome, and once it feels more full and you feel like you have to pee. then essentially try to pee. you’ll ejaculate instead!

Skinnyminny1313 says:

i love sex i just cant get enough of it im squirting rite now who wants to have sex

Comment says:

amazing that you can type while you’re squirting.

Love2godownonyou says:

I would love to :-P

Yourswaggaisntlikemine says:

I’ll come have sex with you ;)


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